Lipo/B12 Injections  

Why are LIPOLEAN Shots so Important During Weight Loss?

Leucine is a must in your weight loss program!

Preserving lean muscle mass during a weight loss phase can be accomplished by eating a high protein diet. Another way to preserve your lean muscle mass along with a high protein diet is by increasing Leucine. This is an essential amino acid, meaning your body cannot produce it naturally. In order to get an adequate supply of leucine, you must get it from your diet or from a dietary supplement like LipoLean. Leucine is one of the main ingredients in our LipoLean injections and there are many clinical studies behind Luecine’s positive effects on preserving lean muscle mass while dieting. Leucine is one of the main building blocks lean muscle building in the body. This not only keeps your body lean but burns more calories. (a pound of muscle burns 25% more calories than a pound of fat)

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign report in a study on exercise and muscle development, that leucine has a particular unique effect in that it spares muscle proteins during weight loss, so you ONLY lose the FAT and not the lean muscle. They also found in women on a high-protein diet lost more weight around the abdominal area than those that weren’t on a high-protein diet.

Recent studies have shown that adding larger amounts of the amino acid, Leucine, to your diet, can double your weight loss. Leucine triggers reduction in calorie intake, causing a drop in in-between-meal snacking and increasing energy. Leucine helps you shed subcutaneous fat (just under the skin) very quickly and helps stabilize blood sugar – a great help to those with type 2 diabetes.

Obesity is a major health crisis facing the US and many individuals try fad diets.